The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction


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Chasing your clients is not the way to grow a business anymore. 

Mindlessly putting out advertisements is not going to get you anywhere.   You need to ATTRACT your customers to you instead of trying to find them.

For example, you don’t want to be cold calling potential clients. You want potential clients warm calling you because they already know the value you have to offer.

Who do you think has more leverage—the business owner who cold calls or the business owner who gets called?

Exactly.  You need to attract your customers to you.

Technology offers us so many tools to simplify the way we do business, and there is no reason why we should be wasting so much time chasing customers.  How many times have you heard that rejection is just part of the sales and marketing process?

In fact, only people who are doing their marketing wrong are getting rejected. If you attract customers to you, there is no reason to ever be rejected by a potential client, since they are coming to you with money in hand wanting to spend and get the benefit of the value that your product or service has to offer.  They already know they want to work with you before they ever contact you.

What is a good way to get your customers to come to you? A book. 

If you are the author of a book in your field or niche, then you separate yourself from all the competition and create a marketplace where you are the uncontested leader.

Marketing today is not about getting that one transaction. It’s about the longer-term play of creating a relationship.  While it is possible to make a quick buck by focusing on short-term transactions, the best marketers in today’s economy follow the long game and want their customers to get to know them and what they are about because then the long-term relationship will be much more sustained and lucrative.

You want to sell to people who are already leaning into you, not people who are trying to lean away from you.  Would you rather kiss someone who is leaning into you or moving away from you?  Exactly!

This is the difference between traditional marketing and today’s marketing.  You need to warm up the customer before you sell to them.  This is about ATTRACTION.

To attract customers to you, you need:

  1. To be credible
  2. To have a message to share (or value to give)
  3. To be trustworthy
  4. To be different
  5. To have longevity

Most traditional forms of marketing and advertising do not accomplish these five things and are ineffective for attracting customers.

Credibility is key.  It doesn’t matter how many bus shelter ads you have. A customer still needs to feel as though they can trust you, and ads and marketing slogans alone are not going to be enough.  You need to show that you know what you are talking about and that you have value to give.  People need to trust you. They don’t want to just take your word for it, so you need to have a way to prove you are credible.

If people are going to notice you, you need a message.  You need to be able to clearly speak about the value you have to give—something that isn’t always so easy to do given how much “noise” there is in today’s marketplace.  To do this effectively, it is necessary to have a vehicle for getting that message known—the more unique this vehicle is, the better this will work.

Nobody buys without trust.  It doesn’t matter how fancy the business card is because if you don’t trust someone you are not going to buy from them.  Creating trust in a market where consumers are inherently suspicious is not an easy feat.  You need a way to stand out from everyone else and make yourself trustworthy in your field.

If you can actually show (prove) that you are knowledgeable in your particular field, consumers are going to trust you more than someone else who is only able to say that they are knowledgeable.  Advertising doesn’t work anymore unless there is an underlying degree of trust, and that takes focus to create.

People will only find you if they can see you; thus, you must be different.

For example, every city has thousands of real estate agents, which makes it hard to actually see any of them.  You need to stand out so that people can notice you. If nothing differentiates you, then you’re just like everyone else, and you’re going to get the same results as everyone else.  Still, most real estate agents just pay for print ads that read “call me if you’re thinking of buying or selling . . .”  That approach just isn’t going to work anymore. You need to be unique.

Finally, longevity.  If you take out an ad in the paper or a magazine, how long will that ad be seen?  Just for the duration of that edition, which could be only for a day.  After that your ad will be in the garbage, along with the money you spent on that ad, but if you publish a book, your message and presence are here forever.

Successful marketers in today’s economy have determined that they can leverage the longevity that a book provides in so many lucrative ways.  A book lasts forever!


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