About Us

our story

I started Book Peacock because I saw a need in the market. Countless people have a story to tell and wisdom to share, but the process of actually writing a book is challenging for anybody who isn’t a professional writer. I knew there had to be another way, and there is—the Peacock Process.

I love seeing the written word come to life in a way that brings value to the world. Bringing people’s ideas to life is exciting. Most people have a book trapped in their head, and they just need a good way to get it out. Think of all the smart and wise people you know who have not published any books. So much untapped knowledge is floating around in the world, and we want to bring it to life.

Having a book is the most underutilized marketing tool available, and we are making it possible for anyone to be a published author. When I published my first book, many new opportunities opened for me. When you write a book, you become a leader, not a follower, and opportunities follow leaders.

Our process is based on interviews. We do about ten hours of interviews over about five to six sessions to get your information onto an audio recording. We then work off transcripts to turn your words into a published book.

We use your words, so the book is yours.
We are just here to help you put it all together.

Thanks for reading. I have assembled a great team of publishing experts and writers, and I hope we can work with you soon.

Always peacock,

Michael Thompson
Founder, Book Peacock