I have a book idea, should I publish it?

I have a book idea, should I publish it?

I get this question all the time…

Should I really write a book?

It’s very common, especially for a non-writer or someone who has never written a book before, to second-guess themselves.  It’s common to come up with all the reasons whyyou should not write a book:

I’m not a writer…

How do I know if my idea is good enough…?

I don’t have the time….

I’ve heard it all, so I know what you’re thinking already.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written anything, YOU ARE A WRITER!

You write everyday… you text, you write emails, you get into arguments with strangers on Facebook, you are a writer!

The thing is, you don’t need to be “a writer” to tell your story, all you need is to have something to say.  If you have a book idea in your head, then the rest of the obstacles can easily be overcome.

You can hire a scribe to write your book for you!  That’s what we do at BookPeacock.com, we hold your hand and get your book idea organized, validated, and outlined for you, and then we work with you to write it for you.

More important than the words themselves, a book is a collection of ideas that the author has in their mind, based on their experience or wisdom.  We read books so that we can get the wisdom and knowledge that has been presented.  What matters is not who compiled (wrote) the words but rather the value that is tied to the ideas and wisdom of that person.

Many of the greatest authors of all time, including Socrates and Winston Churchill, didn’t write their own books. They dictated their ideas, and someone else did the writing for them.  They didn’t let the obstacles stop them!

I wrote a great piece called…

“7 Signs Your Book Idea is Worth Publishing”

Download it now to figure out if you should move forward with your book idea.