Books build credibility, and that matters

Books build credibility, and that matters


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This point is particularly important.  In today’s Internet age, credibility is everything. 

If you have written a book in a specific field, you become credible. You are considered knowledgeable and an expert since you wrote a book on it.  When you are seen this way, opportunity finds you.

For example, a business coach might write a book on how an online entrepreneur can increase sales.  This book might not sell more than a hundred copies, but actually having written that book makes the coach more credible in their field, which allows them to attract more clients, charge more, get paid speaking engagements, and so much more.

You don’t need to actually sell copies of your book to benefit from having one.  In fact, relying on revenue from book sales is actually a poor strategy to make money from a book.  Making money on the back-end—through your related business—is the way to make money with a book in today’s world.

I tell my clients that the best way to make money with a book is to give it away for free!

Give your book away for free to potential customers, and before you know it, you’ll have more leads knocking on your door than you know what to do with.

See how everything has changed?  You make money from cashing in on the credibility that your book gives you, not on the few dollars that Amazon gives you each time you sell one.


What’s your why?

Maybe it can be used to generate leads, make your online presence more credible, or grow your personal brand.  The options are literally endless, but you must keep in mind that you need to be honest with yourself about why you are writing your book. What results do you hope to achieve?  The answer to this question is a critical aspect of approaching the outline in the proper way.

There is no wrong answer. It is your book and your story. Just be honest with yourself about your why, as that will be your starting point.

If your goal (your why) is to sell a million copies and become a famous author, you might be disappointed, but if your goal is to use your book as a marketing tool to get more clients (because now you are the “expert”), then it can be a wildly successful endeavor and likely one that will change your life in a deliberate way.

People all over the world are making 5-, 6-, 7- and even 8-figure incomes from their books—without selling more than a handful of copies.

Case Study


One of our clients at Book Peacock, Ryan Grossman, was a rookie real estate agent in Toronto and needed a way to break into the market quickly, so he used our service to publish a book entitled:


Everything you need to know about buying real estate in Toronto:

A helpful guide for residential buyers.


All he did was put together information that was already available, such as how to get a mortgage, what to look for in a real estate agent, and how to win a bidding war.  Nothing in his book was groundbreaking, but it didn’t matter because he was doing something that nobody else was, and that made him unique and visible in what is otherwise a crowded marketplace.


Before his book, he was an unknown among thousands of other agents.  After his book, he was the guy that literally wrote the book on Toronto real estate.


He created a small advertising campaign on Facebook to give his eBook version away for free to anybody who wanted it. He also gave autographed copies of the paperback version to everybody he met.


He soon had more client leads than he ever imagined.  Ryan is no longer a rookie real estate agent and is making big money helping his clients buy and sell real estate in Toronto. He told me that experienced agents in his office were angry at him for “rewriting the rules” of sales, but he took their anger as a compliment.


His competition is mad, and he’s making money.


This would never have happened if it weren’t for the small investment he made in publishing a book.


For real though, YOU NEED TO READ MY BOOK if you’re serious about growing your business

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